During my time as a writer, some of the elements of style have changed, and certainly Google Docs seems like a long way from banging term papers out on a typewriter (I actually did that!), but this has remained the same: writing is an essential skill, whether you’re in school, embarking on a career, or looking to polish your existing skills and get a fresh perspective from an experienced professional.

Many people — kids and adults alike — feel that they “can’t write” or “hate writing.” Writing skills can be acquired, but something even more valuable can be attained in the process: a love of writing, an ease with it, an ability to utilize the writing process to express thoughts, opinions, and feelings or to communicate statistics, facts, and other forms of information. 
For those who already love to write but wonder if they’ll ever get published, I can help with that too! Choosing topics, crafting a well-rounded piece, and pitching to the appropriate outlet are all facets that contribute to the thrill and sense of accomplishment that comes with being a published writer (not to mention that sometimes you even get paid!).

My unique understanding of the writing process involves nuts and bolts like grammar and spelling, as well as editing and revising, using text to support ideas, and how to approach any subject. When it comes to personal essays, I can help with not only brainstorming for ideas and crafting an essay, but pitching it to the right outlet and getting published.